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Oklahoma's Next Tourism Asset

"Travel and tourism supports 14.4 million jobs across the nation," says Roger Dow, president and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association. Nationwide there are rallies to spotlight the impact of Travel and Tourism in Cities and States.

Tourism is the 3rd largest industry in the State of Oklahoma with a $6.1 Billion economic impact. http://www.travelok.com/

The American Indian Cultural Center and Museum is Oklahoma's next significant tourism asset. Its economic impact is projected to be $3.8 Billion over the first 20 years.

Travel is a broad and diverse industry employing a vast workforce, from airline and hotel employees to restaurant, attraction and retail workers. Travel further supports employees in other industry sectors, such as construction, manufacturing and finance. "Travel is a force that can drive our nation's economic recovery. It is one of the healthiest sectors of our economy in terms of job creation and hiring, employing one out of every nine Americans," said Dow.

Travel and tourism generated $1.9 trillion in economic output for the U.S. economy in 2011. The industry also represents one of America's largest employers, supporting 14.4 million jobs (including 7.5 million directly in the travel industry and 6.9 million in other industries). Direct spending by domestic and international travelers averaged $2.2 billion a day, $92.8 million an hour, $1.5 million a minute and $25,700 a second.

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1. Larry Thoma wrote:
Dear Friend,
I have had the honor of serving as a mayor and council member for the last twenty one years of a thriving community in southwest Oklahoma and have been fairly active in events surrounding the capitol during the legislative session and I must admit this year I have been very disappointed in a couple of issues that I see as important to Oklahoma's image.
One is our state capitol, the first image many of our visitors see when they visit our state. For the last few years it has been an absolute embarrassment for my grandchildren and their classmates to walk through barricades to the place where their representatives work and laws are made. For our Governor to have to admit that sewer is running down the walls in her state of the State is absolutely deplorable. If that was my city hall, DEQ would shut it down in a heartbeat and yet what has happened, nothing. What children are seeing is their leaders posturing rather than leading and fixing the problem. In our City Halls all across the state mayors and council members, who make much less and face the public daily, fix our streets, our parks and our buildings with a lot less revenue. So my challenge to you is do your job and fix the building that is the source of our state pride.
Secondly is a source of much discussion, the Native American Museum. I am not concerned about the past, only the future. Finish what is started, period. Not often can we say a smart idea comes from we as politicians but whoever came up with the idea of using the Unclaimed Funds was brilliant. No new taxes, no bonds, but money left over from folks who left it for various reasons to the devices of the state. So, finish what can be a great teaching tool for all students across the state, an economic boom for the state, and a reason for Oklahomans to once again say, we finish what we start.
Recently my wife and I visited the cultural center in Sulphur. On our way we shopped in Davis, Pauls Valley, and Ada. We didn't think about it being money spent away from one Oklahoma city or the other we were just glad that during spring break we kept money in Oklahoma, not Texas or Missouri.
This Year bills have been about the shape of toast, in the past about state fruit, and various other silly and immaterial nonsense. Do something vital for our legacy this year, fix our State Capitol and finish the Native American Museum.


Larry Thoma
Mayor City of Elgin

Mon, March 31, 2014 @ 9:19 PM

2. Antonio Jamelle McGee wrote:
Dear Expo, Gov. Mcgee. If families need jobs and help with bills and housing I am signing people up to chs of mine at office of whistleblower and get them cars through white house secretary John Earnest. Libertarian contact fbiretired.com. directory. My campaign manager at campaign finance institution is drew rosenstein. My lawyers are Robert Bilott and Ben Sasse.My contacts at Whitehouse are Condelezza Rice and Brett Kavauungh

Thu, October 25, 2018 @ 11:25 PM

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