Iconic Gathering Space

Intersection of Earth and Man
This central gathering space looks optimistically to the west at the intersection of the earthen and man-made architecture and illustrates the natural democracy where all things are a connected whole. This soaring, light-filled room will welcome the community to celebrate and gather as Native people have done for thousands of years perpetuating the importance of community. The design takes its inspiration from many distinctive traditional American Indian structures such as the Teepee and Wichita Grasshouse.

10 Columns/10 Miles Traveled
Structurally, the Hall of the People is comprised of ten columns with each column representing the estimated ten miles a day traveled daily by Native people from original homelands to Indian Territory, during forced removal. The Hall of the People is one of the most visible architectural features on the site and will reach 110' in height once enclosed with glass. The columns each weigh 32,000 lbs or 16 tons each and are made out of 98% recycled materials.