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Economic Benefits

  • A business generating cultural tourism for generations to come
  • Tourism packages will attract cultural tourists who stay 50% longer and spend 36% more than other tourists.
  • Average annual economic impact is $189.2 million with a twenty year economic benefit to the Oklahoma economy of $3.8 billion.

"When you are building a city or building a locale, there are things that are important and there are things that are essential. This, in my judgement, is an essential because it celebrates the reason Oklahoma exists." -Former Governor Frank Keating, State of Oklahoma

"What is important is really the educational function and really trying to promote Native culture and help in its preservation."- Kevin Gover, Director, Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian

"Tourists not just from all over America, but frankly from all over the world will converge right here in Oklahoma City." - Former Governor Brad Henry, State of Oklahoma

Project Components

The American Indian Cultural Center and Museum

Dynamic unparalleled museum experience featuring interactive exhibitions that share the grand scope and drama of Oklahoma’s story, past and present .

Visitor Center
Get travel information to connect you to arts and cultural destinations across Oklahoma.

Cultural Park
A dynamic community gathering place offering indoor and outdoor educational programs for adults and families which includes a massive earthen mound honoring Oklahoma’s moundbuilding cultures, as well as an internationally acclaimed architectural and landscape design. 

Shopping and Dining
A place for American Indian entertainment, cuisine, performing arts and festivals.

Get Involved
Join us as we create a legacy by donating, sharing or getting involved.