Equinox and Solstice Commemorations

Seasonal Celebrations

Discover why the equinox and cardinal directions play such an important role in cultural life. The entire project was designed to align with the cardinal directions, so that these special times of solstice could be recognized, as they have been for thousands of years. We anticipate annual celebrations to watch the setting and rising of the sun in very special places throughout The Center.

On December 21, 2007 board members, cultural advisors, staff and project partners gathered for the first time to witness the setting sun at the location where the future West Passage Tunnel would be erected. In 2009, some of the project stakeholders where invited to bear witness to the winter solstice. Ponca singer and elder Johnny Kimble offered a song to commemorate this special time. Small private gatherings during the summer solstice have also occurred to watch the setting sun align with the top of the promontory peak. For thousands of years Native people have recognized the importance of the solstice and this is a tradition that will be carried forward into the future.