Family Discovery Center

East Wing (Lower Level)

Welcome to a memorable world envisioned as a giant POP-UP book where humans, animals and plants become great friends! 

Turtle greets everyone at the door with words of welcome in Native languages, encouraging all to explore how “WE ARE ALL CONNECTED.” Other animals encourage visitors to explore the upper, middle and lower world witnessing it turn from day to night and change with the seasons.

In the center is a grove of trees where forest sounds can be heard as stories come to life on a giant screen on the floor.  Animals share Nativecentric values like the importance of respect, resilience, stewardship and community. 

On the 2nd floor you enter the upper world through Red Tail Hawks nest with the special ability to scan the world below with Hawkvision. The tree-top trial provides a more physical exploration sliding and climbing down from the nest in an enclosed crawl space, toward the activity platform in the back, which includes a suspension bridge and treehouse.
 Along the trail are many activities that trigger things to happen in the middle world.  If that wasn’t enough, there is a challenging scavenger hunt for the whole family to do together.