Park and Trails

Explore the 85-acre cultural park along the Oklahoma River.  Self-guided walking trails feature interpretive art pieces and enjoy the outdoor locations for Native sports and concerts. Another popular idea has been the inclusion of an outdoor labyrinth.

Promontory Mound Walk
Your walk begins below ground in the "Garden of Beginnings" which honors the many creation stories depicting Indian people emerging from the earth. It also offers landscaped mini-versions of Oklahoma's ecological diversity including the Plains, Prairies and Wetlands. As you ascend to the top of the mound you can stop at three outdoor interpretive Sky Terraces. Each terrace provides an opportunity for you to reflect upon the idea of journey, ascension and Native people's understanding of the world including the movement of the sun, moon and the stars.  

Your journey to the peak is symbolic of the often arduous journeys of triumph and tragedy, made by Indian people  throughout history. The promontory peak provides a perfect place for introspection about self, freedom, natural democracy and man's role in preserving nature's many forms of diversity (including the diversity of cultures).

Learn about the site's history as an one of the largest industrial oil fields in Oklahoma, with over 57 producing wells in the 1920's and its later use for motorcross racing and illegal dumping. The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality's Tire Reclamation Program removed and recycled more than 7,000 discarded tires that were on the site. Continued partnerships with the City of Oklahoma City and other agencies are helping to heal and revitalize this environmentally damaged land to provide a safe and healthy public space for all.