Construction Progress

Construction began in April with the removal of stockpiled oilfield rubble, and locating and plugging to current standards of abandoned or undiscovered wells. The south barrier fence was installed, and construction of the entrance road and pier drilling began. Importing of 350,000 cubic yards of soil commenced in order to have enough soil on site to construct the promontory mound. Removal of abandoned utility lines was accomplished in preparation for the basement and excavation for the gallery building. The Centennial Builders jobsite complex was assembled. The base of the promontory was shaped with attention to extensive erosion control methods. 

Relocation of the Duke, ConocoPhillips (DCP) pipeline occurred, while storm sewer lines and underground plumbing were installed. Piers were drilled down to bedrock for the foundations of the West Passage Tunnel, Gallery Building, Hall of People, and the East Wing buildings.  The slabs and walls for the West Passage Tunnel were also completed. The basement and 1st Floor of the  Gallery Building was poured and backfilled.  Basement waterproofing that met Smithsonian Museum standards was installed. Earthwork to shape the back and side slopes of the Promontory Mound continued.

In 2008, the Visitor Center and Promontory Mound were completed and dedicated. Additionally, the Central Plant was completed along with the final grading of the parking lot.  The Hall of the People and East Wing floor slabs and under-slab plumbing were completed. Truck dock concrete and waterproofing were completed and all major underground utilities were finished. 

Structural steel for the galleries and East Wing was erected, and installation of wood beams, roof decking, metal roof and wall systems along with the exterior stud wall systems for the galleries and East Wing, began. Twelve Native grasses were planted on the promontory to complete the mound.

The South Gallery, North Gallery and East Wing roofs, walls, glass, entrance stone, and metal wall and roof panels were completed, and 1,636 tons of recycled steel was erected and painted for the Hall of the People structure. The East Gate Entry Wall, which aligns with the sunrise of the Spring and Autumn equinoxes, was completed.  Eighty-eight percent of the total building footprint was now enclosed, while pier work continued for the foundation of the 7,800 square foot Multipurpose Performance Facility.  Installation of the initial mechanical, electrical, and sprinkler system equipment began  in the Central Plant and the Gallery Building Basement. 

The Multipurpose Theater shell structure, which included exterior walls, waterproofing, metal roof panels, gutter system, metal wall panels and trim, wood soffit framing, aluminum curtain wall framing and glass work, was completed. The Gallery Building basement walls were framed with sheetrock erected on one side. The balance of the mechanical equipment, ductwork,  electrical, and fire sprinkler systems  in the building shells and the Central Plant was completed to provide protection from freezing and high heat build-up. The buildings' energy efficient ice storage cooling system was also installed and functional.

2012 - 2013
Available funds for the continuation of construction are exhausted and construction is suspended on July 1, 2012. The site is being protected by 24 hour security.  Mechanical, electrical, and fire sprinkler equipment system preventative maintenance is being performed throughout the complex.