"There is no home like a home in Oklahoma. There will always be ties to this place."

Dr. Henrietta Mann, Cheyenne 

Creating A Home

We are creating a home. A place where history is alive. Where moments do not simply pass, but envelop us in their power. Where the elements are not to be escaped, but experienced. Where an object is not just to be observed, but absorbed. The American Indian Cultural Center and Museum is a place to engage, to learn, to celebrate and to connect. Oklahoma's Native American legacy is the foundation upon which we will build a place unlike any other in the world. The architectural design takes its inspiration from years of tribal consultations ensuring Native ways of thinking are incorporated.

"The roofline forms a dramatically cantilevered curve which is one in a series of circular spirals recurring throughout the project and speaks to Native ideals of harmony and progress in living with the earth," -  Scott Johnson, Design Partner, Johnson Fain.

OK Tribal History

Natural Elements


Our Identity